Cross Border Cooperation is an initiative designed to encourage and implement intercultural interaction between religions, ethnic groups, nationalities and gender, supporting said individuals' and groups' integration and inclusion into society and against racism and exclusionary policies and practice.

Samuel Huntington has warned of an impending Clash of Civilizations, to which we suggest there are alternatives to our seeming rush towards increasingly fear ridden societies based upon events in New York City, Bali, Iraq, Chechnya, Afghanistan, The Middle East, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Darfur and recently London.

One does what one can to assume responsibility towards forestalling the additional breakdowns in social order, by creating the initiatives to extend lines of communication affording dialogue on an international basis, rather than pronouncements, leading to further resistance to what has been perceived as dictatorial and costly approaches, bringing little or no relief or advancement to societies allegedly being assisted, thereby creating increasing disillusionment and hence resistance.

Sometimes, in violent forms.

The history of cultures and societies under pressure on an international basis, require platforms of support and outlets for often neglected, unknown and uncared for aspirations.

We suggest film, seminars, exhibitions and publishing as possible avenues to be created and maintained as cultural pressure valves, releasing and addressing the needs of people before they become stifled, leading to explosions that may have been avoided.

Through the XXI. Black International Cinema St. Louis, Mo./USA, Paris/France, Berlin/Germany 2006 platforms and stations of respite will be developed and offered as a contrast to the developing despair facing the international order.

These means in addition to other initiatives, we suggest as alternatives to an increasing conflagration and as part of an international approach to deter and hopefully dismantle the rush to Huntington's doomsday scenario.

FountainheadŽ Tanz Theatre
July 2005