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Every person belongs, in any relationship in life, to a minority. Even if a nation is considered whole, there is, most definitely, a minority within this nation.

However, this uniqueness of variety marks the significance of a community.

The present top candidate of the democrats in the USA, Senator Barack Obama, embodies exactly what the United States has always been positively distinguished by, a multicultural community and a mixture of people of all nations, a collective work of minorities!

Such politics establish the USA in a leading position internationally once again!

Senator Barack Obama, due to his personal experiences, family history and education, understands the need of people for constructive communication and change. As a result, he brings minorities together, to form a majority. This is simple arithmetic.

And that is exactly, what the relevance of the Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre, together with Black International Cinema Berlin, THE COLLEGIUM - Forum & Television Program Berlin and Cultural Zephyr e.V. has constituted for years and as a terrific example exemplifies, the co-operation of many different people, all with their experiences, goals, dreams, knowledge, strengths, and weaknesses. We experience time and again, that diversity is not cumbersome, embarrassing or even dangerous, but instead is bringing us as a unity of people forward.

If Senator Barack Obama, with the co-operation of the people of the USA, can realize this ideal, it will revolutionize the entire world. A boundless diversity combined with understanding and respect, as Fountainhead® Tanz Theatre as an organization already exemplifies, can only guarantee peace to human kind.

Rolf Gänsrich
Berlin, March 14, 2008

Rolf Gänsrich, born 1961, skilled economic salesman, who for years, worked as a retail food salesman (1988/89 temporarily employed as deputy branch manager), writes various articles since 1996 for the independent monthly newspaper "Prenzlberger Ansichten" and in 2003 he began writing short stories for the stage "Lesebühne BeTonWerker". He performs on open stages and occasionally solo-nights with the support of friends, he especially engages for such projects. In professional circles, Rolf Gänsrich is one of the most influential radio talk show hosts in Berlin. In his radio show "OKbeat", presented since April 1995 (distinguished with the "OKB-Award" 2002), he supports young and unfortunately still unknown artists, providing the way for "New German Pop Music" and for those popular artists such as Tokio Hotel or Annett Louisanne. Since 1996, he has continuously engaged in television (internship at KW-TV 2001), yet also with his fondness for behind the scenes editing, and is now seldom persuaded to be in front of the camera. In the beginning of 2008, he contributed his original texts to the book "Kiezgeschichten aus Pankow, Weissensee, Prenzlauer Berg II" by the Kunstfabrik Köpenick. By his personal standards, his presence on stage is "only" to entertain his guests. With his readings during the XXIII. Black International Cinema Berlin/Germany, Warsaw/Poland & USA 2008, he wishes to support his good friends from Black International Cinema Berlin, since "The wise only fish with their worth, and with no less bait!", Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Translation German/English: Khadija Tarjan McKinney Griffith